Guide to Registration and Papers


Guide to registration and papers:




= > Registration process:

1-register the user’s system.

2. Scroll to your e-mail and view the e-mail sent by the system and click on the link contained in the email to activate.

3-Return to the site’s main page and enter the login section on the user’s system and enter your user name and your password.



= > Submission:

After you log on to the system users,in order to send your send articles,choose the new article submission from the existing menus.

Note that the original article and the article review must be uploaded “separately” on to the website. (Zip file format)

In the new article submission menu,you are asked to send the review article file,only.

Then,you can submit your paper in the status of articles menu.


= > The cost of participating in the Conference:

 click here,For further information!


 Writing style:

 write your articles according to the style sheets and upload them in appropriate related languages.


Abstract (s):

Word file:

Download the Word writing style Sheets-English file


PDF file:

Download PDF English writing style file


Article (s):

Word file:

Download the Word writing style Sheets-English file


PDF file:

Download PDF English writing style file



= > The status of accepting articles:

three modes are accepted in the Congress: 1- inserted in series of articles   2-posters   3- lectures

in person and virtual Admission of articles do not differ,and all people should upload their PowerPoint or posters on to the site,so that users who virtually participate in the congress,would have access to the articles,posters and PowerPoint of all the users.

Up to three days after the Congress was held,it is necessary for people whose article have been accepted,in either forms of poster or lecture to be online and respond to the comments left on their articles.



= > Poster presentation:

For poster presentation,people who have this level of acceptance,must design their posters in the format,presented in the link bellow. Download it and use the same form to set up and prepare your cases. To be noted that all users must upload their posters up to 4 February. Please notice that the file loaded must have maximum size of 5 MB and no more. For this purpose,software which reduce the size of photos can be used as well.  Files must be in JPEG or JPG format,and then converted to a zip or rar file in order to upload them on the site.



= > Punctuation and editing tips:

* Poster dimensions must be in 30 cm length and 70 cm width.

The font size of the text on the poster can at least be at * B nazanin 12 and its maximum size,used in the title part can be applied at B 18 Nazanin.

* In case any photos or tables are used in the article,sources must be inserted.

* make sure of the short contents and the texts legibility on the poster.

* Poster must include the following points:

1- Introduction   2- review 3- materials 4-methods 5- results 6- discussion 7-RFC

* To the extent possible,use from and formal concept and images in the poster and refuse the vain insertion.


 Download the poster presentation in Congress (in-person and virtual)


= > Presentation in form of a lecture lecture:


People who have to deliver the speech in Congress,have been selected as candidates for giving the lecture and the PowerPoint from the PowerPoints received by Secretariat and the ones that have undergone the sound fixes,the appropriate items for the final presentation will be selected. So please upload your presentations up to 4 February on the site from the virtual presentation Panel.

It is worth mentioning the PowerPoint file uploaded on the site,are all downloadable and people would have free access to them. All the articles rights are reserved for the Congress.


Download PowerPoint for lecture (in-person and virtual)

Makeup video tutorials in PowerPoint on MOI site (No. 1)

Makeup video tutorials in PowerPoint on MOI site (No. 2)


Reviewers Panel